Merchant Benefits

There is a growing expectation amongst consumers to be able to use cards whenever and wherever they shop, accepting card payments is now an essential part of doing business in Ireland.

More than just a payment service

The mistake that the High Street banks and payment services providers make is the assumption that providing the ability to take and process payments is all that a payment service provider should do.

NetPay think differently, it is about ensuring that service establishment is as easy and pain free as it possibly can be and it's about ensuring that merchants can depend on the reliability of the services they use. NetPay gives merchants visibility of their transactions, allowing them to influence their consumer experience, showing performance trends and analysis, providing a detailed level of consumer intelligence that allows businesses to make decisions a key difference in the NetPay proposition against other providers of these services.

Dispelling the myth

It is a common misconception that High Street Banks are the only providers of merchant payment services, this is not true in fact many High Street banks lean on the services of other acquiring banks and service providers like NetPay to allow them to offer merchant services and online payments to their customers.

The Death of Cheques

While some Irish businesses continue to be heavy users of cheques, the dependence on cheques has fallen in recent years. The reason being the cost, cheques are an expensive way to do business the average cost to bank a cheque is: €0.39 with the major High Street banks as well as the stamp duty cost for those writing that cheque, and then there is a longer length of time to wait until the funds are available causing cash flow issues and the inevitable 'cheque is in the post'.

Cash is no longer king!

The cost of accepting, processing and banking of cash is of significant concern, though many wrongly perceive cash as being 'free' this is simply and education. The cost of banking cash is more expensive than taking card payment, not to mention the security concern and cost of transporting and storing cash.

Cheques and cash also of course do not support the massive growth in online business potential and with 78% of all Irish households having access to the internet, Irish businesses could be missing out on a massive opportunity to capitalise on the growing culture of buying products and services online.

The NetPay proposition presents a series of unique opportunities to different types of business. Our range of NetPay for... guides talk through how to capitalise on the payments opportunity by partnering with NetPay.

NetPay for...

The NetPay wholesale proposition enables you to offer your customers payment terminal and online payment services, more cost effectively than the High Street banks, in your own brand, billed and supported by you - powered by NetPay.


The NetPay reseller proposition enables you to offer your customers payment terminal and online payment services, more cost effectively than the High Street banks, signing them up to NetPay in exchange for a recurring commission.


The NetPay payment services focus on the functionality beyond just the transaction itself. NetPay provide detailed, comprehensive management information and consumer intelligence through our Revolution platform.

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