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NetPay for... Food Wholesalers

In a changing economy, food wholesalers continue look for new and innovative ways to provide differentiation in the market place and value beyond just the product itself. Customer satisfaction is essential to deliver consistent year on year growth coupled with initiatives that keep customers loyal to the business through symbol brands, niche specialities, a national delivery network as well as other elements that focus on providing value and uniqueness.

The objective is to deliver consistent, growing, recurring revenues from new and existing customers. By the very nature of the products provided this requires the food wholesaler to keep the customers attention at all times and counteract the no doubt frequent approaches from competitors with offers to entice them. NetPay is providing food wholesalers with a unique opportunity to generate a new, recurring, lucrative revenue opportunity by offering branded payment services to your existing customer base. This provides market differentiation as the food wholesaler and supply partner to the customer but critically the opportunity to provide a solution that is likely to be more cost effective that the customers’ existing relationship. This solution is provided under your desired brand, powered and operated on your behalf by NetPay.

The Opportunity

Card processing volumes are growing with more than 30m card payments every month in Ireland and €24b spent using cards each year. The opportunity is therefore not only limited to those that already take card payments but the larger number of businesses that could take advantage of cost effective card payment solutions as a replacement to cheques, reducing risk, speeding us cash flow and making payments more flexible.

The Proposition

  • A solution entirely in your brand, powered by NetPay
  • A proposition you can sell to your customers that is more cost effective than High Street banks which generates a recurring revenue for you
  • Access to a branded instance of the NetPay Revolution platform
  • A range of wired, wireless and mobile card terminals manufactured by Ingenico
  • Online payment processing including MOTO (mail order telephone order) virtual terminals
  • Automated Integration options including XML
  • Compliance features such as tokenisation
  • Bank merchant/acquisition facilities
  • Integration options with EPOS; many EPOS will already be integrated with the Ingenico terminal range

The NetPay proposition presents a series of unique opportunities to different types of business. Our range of NetPay for... guides talk through how to capitalise on the payments opportunity by partnering with NetPay.

NetPay for...

The NetPay wholesale proposition enables you to offer your customers payment terminal and online payment services, more cost effectively than the High Street banks, in your own brand, billed and supported by you - powered by NetPay.


The NetPay reseller proposition enables you to offer your customers payment terminal and online payment services, more cost effectively than the High Street banks, signing them up to NetPay in exchange for a recurring commission.


The NetPay payment services focus on the functionality beyond just the transaction itself. NetPay provide detailed, comprehensive management information and consumer intelligence through our Revolution platform.

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