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In a changing economy franchised businesses continue to look even harder for ways to deliver differentiation in a competitive market place, building a compelling business proposition that will appeal to potential franchisees whilst still making sure that their interests as the franchise rights holder are protected. As a franchisor it is common for you to specify branding, approach, goods and materials and in the case of retail outlets, the look and feel of the premises. You will provide support, both in terms of developing the brand and making the franchise a successful business through training, coaching and through pre-established relationships with partners and advisors. In some instances franchises will have an existing relationship with a High Street bank with pre-agreed terms for its franchisee's for services such as card payments. In most instances a pre-agreed relationship with a High Street bank is where it ends. NetPay provides a whole new opportunity.

The Opportunity

NetPay are a payment service provider specialising in white label card processing solutions. The business provides a range of services including card holder present using payment terminals as well as card holder not present online processing and virtual terminals.

NetPay are providing a unique opportunity to franchisors to offer their franchisees a cost effective card processing solution but critically one that is an extension of their existing brand, provides valuable consumer intelligence for both the franchisor and the franchisee as well as enabling the franchisor to make additional recurring revenue from their franchise proposition.

The Proposition

  • A solution entirely in your brand, powered by NetPay
  • A proposition more cost effective than High Street banks which pays revenue back to you as the franchisor
  • Access to a branded instance of the NetPay Revolution platform
  • A range of wired, wireless and mobile card terminals manufactured by Ingenico
  • Online payment processing including MOTO (mail order telephone order) virtual terminals
  • Automated Integration options including XML
  • Compliance features such as tokenisation
  • Bank merchant/acquisition facilities
  • Integration options with EPOS; many EPOS will already be integrated with the Ingenico terminal range

The NetPay proposition presents a series of unique opportunities to different types of business. Our range of NetPay for... guides talk through how to capitalise on the payments opportunity by partnering with NetPay.

NetPay for...

The NetPay wholesale proposition enables you to offer your customers payment terminal and online payment services, more cost effectively than the High Street banks, in your own brand, billed and supported by you - powered by NetPay.


The NetPay reseller proposition enables you to offer your customers payment terminal and online payment services, more cost effectively than the High Street banks, signing them up to NetPay in exchange for a recurring commission.


The NetPay payment services focus on the functionality beyond just the transaction itself. NetPay provide detailed, comprehensive management information and consumer intelligence through our Revolution platform.

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