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The way we donate to charity has changed dramatically over the last century and the organisations within this sector have grown considerably as has the generosity of individuals donating money, time and resources. As this sector has exploded into life so too has technology which has helped us become more socially interactive with these organisations and has facilitated our method of giving. The birth of the internet has given charitable and not-for-profit organisations access to donations globally.

This evolution in technology has made it easier for individuals to give, the introduction of SMS donations services and online giving have significantly increased our ability to donate anytime, anywhere at the click of a button.

NetPay provides not for profit organisations with the ability to accept card payments both online and face to face giving them a huge opportunity to increase the number and value of donations.

The Opportunity

NetPay are a payment service provider specialising in card payment solutions. NetPay provides a range of services including merchant acquiring, payment terminals, online processing and virtual terminals.

Cash is one of the most important assets of a not for profit organisation as ultimately generating income from donations is key to an organisations success and its ability to deliver to its cause. It can be tough to get supporters to open their wallets but it is a lot easier to encourage higher donations when you remove the psychology of counting physical cash in your hand. This is why NetPay have developed a payment services proposition that makes it easy for not for profit organisations to accept donations quickly and simply, making the organisations more accessible to potential donors and supporting the cause.

For example, if there was a not for profit organisation called “Donate-IT” with 10 stores across the UK and an established online presence. Donate-IT has a terminal device per store and their website uses an Internet merchant Account to accept online donations via a payment processor to their main acquiring bank. At present Donate-IT has little visibility of their donations and transactions in store compared to online, as they only receive this information on a monthly basis through their payment provider statements.

By moving to NetPay Donate-IT can easily increase the level of visibility they have over their transactions enabling them to be able to compare average transaction value, best performing stores and regions. Donate-IT will also take advantage of the NetPay range of Ingenico terminal devices and benefit from an online donation platform completely in their look and feel, maintaining their brand.

As a NetPay customer you will also receive access to our Revolution portal where you can see the reports for all of your donation methods consolidated in one central platform including online, mail order/ telephone order (MOTO) and in store/face to face, giving you complete visibility of your donations and enabling you to compare performance by sites, regions or stores and campaigns. The NetPay Revolution portal doesn’t stop at just giving the not for profit organisation details on transaction performance but also includes donor intelligence:

  • What is the average donor value?
  • What is the best performing post code region?
  • What are the best performing days of the week?
  • What does historical donor performance look like?
  • How does the trend of each of these elements look?

All of this is available via your Revolution platform.

The Proposition

  • Access to the NetPay Revolution Platform
  • Access to a range of wired, wireless and mobile card payment terminals
  • Access to online payment processing including MOTO virtual terminals and automated integration options
  • Access to online payment processing including MOTO virtual terminals and automated integration options
  • Integrated options with EPOS; many EPOS will already be integrated with the Ingenico terminal range

The Benefits

  • Multiple ways for your supporters to donate
  • Broaden your donor reach
  • No set up or annual fee
  • No charge for refunds
  • Get access to the latest payment terminals
  • 24 x 7 support
  • Access to 'Revolution' providing you with access to your transaction information management reporting
  • Complete visibility of donation performance across all donation methods from our Revolution Portal

The NetPay proposition presents a series of unique opportunities to different types of business. Our range of NetPay for... guides talk through how to capitalise on the payments opportunity by partnering with NetPay.

NetPay for...

The NetPay wholesale proposition enables you to offer your customers payment terminal and online payment services, more cost effectively than the High Street banks, in your own brand, billed and supported by you - powered by NetPay.


The NetPay reseller proposition enables you to offer your customers payment terminal and online payment services, more cost effectively than the High Street banks, signing them up to NetPay in exchange for a recurring commission.


The NetPay payment services focus on the functionality beyond just the transaction itself. NetPay provide detailed, comprehensive management information and consumer intelligence through our Revolution platform.

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