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NetPay Reseller training event hailed a great success

April 29th 2013

The first indirect reseller training event held by NetPay on 17th and 18th April has been hailed a great success by the attendees. The two day training program is part of NetPay’s accreditation scheme for those that are becoming resellers of its range of card payment services and covers in detail the market, the opportunity, the range of services on offer, the competition and the compliance obligations surrounding the services that NetPay provides through its reseller channel. Those that are new to card payments but recognise the opportunity in offering the services to their customers can start the course having little more than consumer experience when paying for good and services and emerge with knowledge of the industry but critically the considerable differentiation NetPay provides and how its services can benefit UK businesses.

Steve Portwood from CardPay Services, an indirect reseller of NetPay commented ‘I am new to the card payments industry but recognised the opportunity and wanted to be part of one of the few real growth markets in the UK. I joined NetPay as an indirect reseller to develop these opportunities after looking at various options as it was the simplest and most rewarding program in the UK. The training was great, a very focused two day event but with plenty of time to discuss, ask questions and really visualise how to develop the opportunities I had. I started the event knowing the basics but came out clear on NetPay’s key unique selling points and how to do business. I signed up my first merchant the following day!’

“Net Pay’s reseller training was extremely informative and professionally delivered. I now feel confident in selling the proposition, and enthused enough to want to learn more about the issues surrounding PCI DSS compliance.

Richard Dickety said "Since the training, the support that I have been given in terms of processing live business, but also when I have needed advice around customer and prospects’ issues, has been as good as any customer service that I have received in any environment, business or consumer.”

Nicole Jay, Director at NetPay commented ‘We have previously delivered training for our services in a bespoke manner with individual partners but wanted to put together an event which allowed different organisations addressing the opportunity in different ways to not only learn together but share ideas and talk about their experiences. The most productive sessions in any training environment are those that are really interactive and I was delighted to see the resellers not only getting involved in the content but really engaging with each other. The model is absolutely something we now intend on running frequently’.

NetPay are hosting the next indirect reseller training event on 22nd and 23rd May. Those that are interested in attending can register on the NetPay website at


NetPay MD Carl Churchill speaks at Santander Breakthrough Event

April 18th 2013


Carl Churchill the Managing Director of NetPay Solutions Group was asked to speak at a Santander Breakthrough Event held at the Novatel in Southampton on April 17th. The event, attended by more than 80 business owners in the South was to showcase the Santander Breakthrough programme which aims to help Britain's fastest growing small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Selected businesses receive funding and financial advice, as well as the chance to visit successful companies and learn from leading entrepreneurs.

Carl shared some insights into his experience building and running fast growth SME’s as well as some of his earlier background. Santander asked Carl to speak at the event having learnt about his previous successes and share his experiences alongside Ana Botin, the Chief Executive of Santander UK and The Earl of March from the Goodwood Estate.

Carl commented ‘I was delighted to speak at the Santander Breakthrough event, it was not only an opportunity to share some of our experiences building successful businesses but it was great to hear from others doing exactly the same in what continues to be a challenging economy. Whatever your product, whatever your market there are some key areas that are important to focus on when creating a successful business and speaking about these in a forum such as the Santander Breakthrough Event was a great catalyst for ideas. The Government speaks a lot about the critical 6% of businesses that can re-start the economy – SME’s are absolutely central to that and it is the dedication and innovation of the private individuals that own and run these businesses that can really make a difference in the UK.’

Carl continued ‘Our own previous experiences have moulded our approach within our NetPay business which is bringing about change to the payment services industry. It was great to hear from others that were also succeeding by providing real differentiation within their market place, bucking the trend and delivering not just modest but substantial growth.’

As part of speaking at the event Carl has been able to support Cancer Research UK and St Giles Hospice, two cancer charities that are very close to him.

More information on the Breakthrough programme can be found at

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